Hello everybody my name is Cheri Malozsak and welcome back to Suburban Snacks. This month’s snack is…candy corn! In this episode, we’ll be informing you about which home inspection items should be fixed. For anyone who doesn’t know, a home inspection is ordered and paid for by the buyer in the transaction. Before a buyer purchases a home, they want to ensure that the property doesn’t have any major issues. So, they hire an inspector to perform a home inspection where they check for any problems. The buyer will then receive an inspection report which informs them of all the issues with the property. It’s at this point that they have the option to request some repairs. But how do you know which repairs are worth asking for? Because the seller is going to either have to pay to get the repairs done or fix it themselves. So as a buyer, there is a way you should go about requesting repairs so you don’t push the seller away. Especially in the current seller’s market that we’re in. According to Realtor Magazine, 21% of home buyers waived the inspection contingency in September. This means that they bought the house as-is without requesting any repairs to be done by the sellers. However, when you do perform inspections, you should have several systems checked. These systems include your septic system, heating, electrical, roof, plumbing, and HVAC. You want to ensure that all these systems are in good working condition.