Natalia Mueller - Realtor

Natalia emigrated to the US in 2003 from Russia, where she was raised in a family of scientists and made to believe that life means nothing without a master’s degree. She started a small business in 2004 and learned that she enjoyed simply serving people. Living through the 2008 Real Estate crash, she learned a lot from the experience and realized she had to obtain more knowledge about Real Estate to pursue better opportunities for her and her family. Helping people and solving problems became her drive. Over the course of the next decade, Natalia pursued a full-time career as a self-employed business owner. Now, she’s enthusiastic about pursuing a career in Real Estate full-time. She is focused on helping people with the most important transactions of their lives. She prides herself in educating her clients and supporting their best interests whether it is buying, selling, or renting a home.