Hello everyone my name is Cheri Malozsak and welcome back to Suburban Snacks. This month’s snack is… fancy Medjool dates! In this episode, we’ll be informing you of the top 5 hottest kitchen trends coming into 2022. According to a new study from Houzz, people are showing more interest in splurging on finishes when it comes to renovating their kitchens. But do you end up making money when splurging on a kitchen renovation? According to Houzz’s senior economist, countertops are one area where homeowners are willing to pay more. She states that “homeowners are willing to spend a little more to get exactly what they want in countertops that are both beautiful and practical, despite rising prices of labor, products, and materials”. The number 1 hottest trend is white Quartz countertops! And that’s because people admire quartz due to its practicality and durability! The second hottest trend is supersized kitchen islands! In America, we like to do things big… because bigger is better! Some renovating owners say they’ve stretched the length of their islands to more than 7 feet. It’ll be interesting to see how the style of the kitchen island adapts over time.