In this month’s spotlight, we get the privilege to interview a locally owned home service company! This is Miechal Durkin Frosch. Based in Southern Arizona, she operates Helpful Housewives; a mobile home service company specializing in decluttering & organizing, home cleaning, in-home laundry, errand running & delivery, party planning & decorating, estate sales & Real Estate services! Miechal started off this venture 3 years ago when her outdoor fitness group of moms had to figure out how they would stay out of trouble with their youngest kids growing up! She never intended for her small group of moms to turn into the service-based company that it is today! She currently has 15 employees and sees the business staying consistent within the community for the next 5 years. She and her employees started out within the community and they intend to stay servicing the community that they love! If you want to learn more about Helpful Housewives, check them out at their website: OR follow them on social media @helpfulhousewives What are the chances you know of a local business that would like to be interviewed?