In this month’s spotlight, we get the privilege to interview a locally-owned coffee company! This is Heather Davis. Based in Southern Arizona, she operates BattleBorn Coffee Roasters; a coffee company powered by her and her husband who is a border patrol agent, Brad Davis! BattleBorn Coffee Roasters is obsessed with high-quality coffee. They handcraft each roast in small batches, using raw beans that are not sprayed with pesticides. They bring out the flavor profile of each unique origin. So fresh and delicious, you’ll want to drink it black. Heather fell in love with good coffee in 2006, when she went to Costa Rica and tried some freshly roasted coffee at a hotel. Since then, they have been educating themselves on better brewing practices and finding better coffees to enjoy. They source their raw coffee beans from small farms and co-ops that produce high-quality beans and focus on more sustainable farming practices. In this way, they promote a clean high quality product and are able to give more back to these small farmers. They then handcraft each roast, always striving to bring out the best qualities of each origin. They feel coffee doesn’t have to just be a morning drink. It can be a delicious, good-tasting drink; not just a source of caffeine. Try one of their handcrafted roasts and see how delicious a cup of coffee can be. They are also looking for wholesale opportunities to expand their business, whether providing coffee to rentals, restaurants, coffee shops, or food trucks, they can provide a customized solution for your needs. If you want to learn more about Heather and Brad, check them out at their website: … OR follow them on social media @battleborncoffeeroasters What are the chances you know of a local business that would like to be interviewed?