Hello everybody my name is Cade Olof and welcome back to Suburban Snacks. This month’s snack is…pumpkin spice marshmallows! In this episode, we’ll be discussing whether or not 3D-printed homes are the future of real estate. Yes, I did just say 3D-printed homes. According to Realtor Magazine, printed homes are coming to a new community in Austin, Texas in 2022. If you’re watching this you’ve probably heard of the homebuilder Lennar. Well, Lennar is actually partnering with a startup company named ICON to build out the first 100 3D printed home community. So what’s the reason behind switching to 3D print? According to Eric Feder, the president of Lennar, labor and material shortages are two of the biggest factors pushing the dream of homeownership out of reach for many American families. Not only is 3D printing homes cheaper to build, but it’s also way quicker than your typical wood framing strategy. Construction tech companies state that they can print the frames and walls of a house in under 48 hours! So before we go any further let’s pull up a picture of what these printers look like. Because personally when I first heard this, I couldn’t picture it at all. Realtor Magazine states that the public has already warmed up to the idea of going 3D.