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Here is the latest weather forecast for Tucson, Arizona. This page updates regularly, so bookmark it and check back frequently to stay up-to-date on the weather in Tucson.

Tucson, Arizona Climate

Tucson, Arizona has an excellent year-round climate and topography for outdoor activities, which contribute to Arizona’s reputation as a desert paradise. The weather allows residents to enjoy the region’s hiking and biking trails, golf courses, fishing, and camping spots.

If you hate the cold, we’ve got good news: It very rarely dips below freezing and snows only a few flakes at a time and exceedingly rarely (most winters go by without snow at all). It does get quite warm, though, and summers are downright toasty: hot and dry with temperatures topping 100°F and rarely dropping below 70°F. In general, Tuscon is a dry place. The city receives around 12 inches of rain per year, while the rest of the country receives around 39. The monsoon season lasts from June to September when the prevailing winds switch from westerly to southeasterly.

Tucson’s monsoon weather stimulates the desert wildflowers to bloom and brings amphibians above ground to mate. But it doesn’t rain every day. Cloud bursts and “breaks” cycle throughout the rainy season.

June is the hottest month for Tucson. Averaging a high temperature of 100.5°, it ranks warmer than most other places in Arizona. The most comfortable months in Tucson are March, April, and November. These months typically have high temperatures in the range of 70-85°.

Find a Comfortable Home for Any Weather

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