Hello everybody! Welcome back to Suburban Snacks, where we not only inform you of current Real Estate topics but also review a different food item every month! This month’s snack is protein chips! Before we review the snack, we’ll be informing you on how recent buyers are now spending more on their home remodels and furnishings! The National Association of Home Builders recently released a study documenting the economic benefit of a home sale. During the first year after closing on a house, a typical buyer of a newly built single-family home spends, on average, $9,250 more than a similar non-moving home owner. The study finds that buyers of newly built homes spend the most on property alterations and repairs following a move, despite the home being brand-new. According to the Eye on Housing blog, “A typical new-home buyer … is estimated to spend almost twice as much on these projects ($9,288) compared to an identical household that stays put in a house they already own”. Researchers say the extra spending is most common for building outdoor features, like patios, pools, walkways, fences, landscaping, and various additions to the new home. Buyers of new homes also spent considerably more on furnishings following their move. They spent an average of $4,729 on furnishings and $4,138 on appliances following a move. This is a great reminder that when buying a home, you should have the necessary funds to not only close on the property, but additional funds to also perform any additions you’d like to add or any appliances you’d like to upgrade. If you are in the market to purchase a home and you have questions about the necessary funds you would need to close on a home, then we at Suburban would love to help! Do you like protein chips? Let us know in the comments below. That’s going to do it for us here at Suburban Snacks. If you have any questions or would like to get into contact with us feel free to check out our website at suburbanrealestategroup.com. Also, make sure to click the link below to follow us on Facebook. Thanks for watching, my name is Cade Olof and we will see you in the next one!