Hello everybody, welcome back to Suburban Snacks. I’m Cade Olof and this month’s snack is Sweet Tarte Ropes. Before we review the snack, we will be informing you on Fannie Mae’s new 5% down payment program for multi-family homes. In the past, the down payment requirement for a multi-family home was 15%-25% of the property’s sales price. Fannie Mae has made a groundbreaking policy shift to revolutionize your homeownership path. Starting November 18, 2023, they are rolling out a game-changing 5% down payment option for owner-occupied 2-, 3-, and 4-unit properties. This is a huge drop in required down payment which makes it an excellent opportunity for real estate investors. First-time homebuyers and borrowers hoping to offset high mortgage rates can now benefit from a conventional loan and use rental income to pay a portion of their mortgage. So if you are someone looking to purchase or sell a home in Southern Arizona, then we at Suburban would love to help!

Now it’s time for the snack review. Do you like SWEET TARTE ROPES? Let us know in the comments below. That’s going to do it for us here at Suburban Snacks. If you have any questions or would like to get into contact with us feel free to check out our website at suburbanrealestategroup.com. Thanks for watching, my name is Cade Olof and we will see you in the next one.